Any regular at the shop will tell you that music is an integral part of the Far Beyond experience.

Here’s Nick’s top tunes he’s been playing at the shop right now....  He’s even uploaded a track from each album for you to check out...

Artist: Soilwork
Album: The Living Infinite
Track: Spectrum of Eternity
A massive favourite in the studio and has been since this album dropped a few months back. Melodic death/thrash at its finest. Definitely upbeat and my idea of uplifting.

Artist: Phil Anselmo and the Illegals
Album: Walk Through Exits Only
Track: Battalion of Zero
Phil is back with an absolute scorcher of an album. Every extreme style of music is thrown into the melting pot and Phils possessed screaming is more hideous than ever. Angry and life affirming.

Artist: Mr Bungle
Album: California
Track: Ars Moriendi
Mike Patton and co at their craziest! Morrocan pimp music turns death metal then meanders into lounge music. This is Frank Zappa on every drug he can get his hands on tenfold.

Artist: Corrosion of Conformity
Album: Wiseblood
Track: Long Whip / Big America
Pepper Keenan and co still amaze with this slab of loose groovy southern tinged metal. Big summer favourite at Far Beyond.

Artist: Acid Bath
Album: Paegan Terrorism Tactics
Track: New Death Sensation
Dax Riggs and the boys displaying this dark, twisted, beautiful song is a daily play in the studio. Dax’s voice is at its most haunting. Definately hairs on the back of the neck standing on end type of song.